Autism Safety in the School

Most children and even parents experience some level of separation anxiety when their child goes to school for the first time. I included “parents,” because it’s usually harder on a parent than a child; the anxiety is really bittersweet emotions, because you are happy they are going to school to make friends and learn, but you are sad because you realize that they are growing up and you will miss them.


So many questions run through your head as you wave goodbye to them as they get on the school bus: “Will he make friends?” “Will she eat?” “Will he have fun?” “Will she like their teacher?”


These are all very natural concerns for a parent with a typical developed child. But, what about a parent with a child on the spectrum? What are their concerns? Safety, safety, safety!  That is absolutely the biggest concern.


All those other worries are there of course, but safety is the one that is overwhelmingly prominent:

The Individualized Education Program (IEP) and Bullying

A parent has many options to make their child’s experience at school smooth and enjoyable. Children with special needs always have their own Individual Education Program (IEP) at school. The development of IEP is extremely important, and you want to ensure that all your concerns are addressed and your child’s needs are met with the right services throughout the day. The IEP usually details the amount of time a therapist needs to spend weekly with your child and the goals that the teachers and therapists have for your child that year. 


This information Sheet written by the PACER CENTER has great tips and advise you can use when preparing for your next IEP

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