Sometimes dangerous situations are not always obvious situations.


Autism Safety in the


Autism Safety in the


Autism Safety in the


Autistic children’s mental and physical abilities develop at a slower rate than a typically developed child. This means that protecting a child with autism can require you to keep your safety protective aids in place past the traditional preschool years.  There are many resources and childproofing aids available for the home that can be used and ones that you truly won’t want to live without that will help keep an autistic child safe.

We all venture out into the community every day, whether it’s for school or work, to play in the park, go shopping, or just out visiting friends and family. For a parent with an autistic child, any one of these activities can be difficult and stressful.  There are many tips and solutions to help with these fears.

The biggest concern for parents with an autistic child attending school is Safety Safety Safety.  Will she be bullied?” “Will they escape class?” “Can they get out of the school’s boundaries?”  These are just a couple of too many to mention stressors for parents with autistic children going to school.  There are resources and Education Plans that can help alleviate these stressors.

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