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Hello! My name is Natasha Barber. I am a mom, engineer and free spirited author.

I had my first in March 2004 and my second son in 2005. It wasn’t until my second was 2 years old that my whole life changed when I learned my son was Autistic. It was at that moment when I learned that everything I did and learned as I raised my typically developing son all of a sudden all stopped and I was now a newbie again. It was like I was never a mom and I was learning from scratch. It was at that moment I realized being a mom of a special needs child increased all of my senses of patience, understanding, wonder but most importantly safety!

I really never began my writing hobby until the day I found out that my son escaped the school and ended up on a 50mph road and was saved from being hit by a car where I began writing.

I went to a safety workshop held by the Autism Alliance of Michigan and the information I learned along with the reality I saw of the number of parents that seemed to be overwhelmed with the lack of trust in their children’s safety in the schools, community, home drove me to want to want to share my experiences and research my husband and I have done to help keep our w safe.

This is my safety blog for keeping young autistic children safe. Welcome. This blog is the space that I have created to share with other parents following the journey of raising an autistic child and what we have done to keep him safe. I will share with you resources, tips and stories that I have learned over the years of raising my autistic son in hopes to help you answer your questions. I invite others to ask questions and share their own stories of motherhood in raising an autistic child.

I am not an expert in safety and I will not by any means say I have the answers to autism and safety. I do believe that my husband and I have put in a lot of effort through countless hours of research and trial and error that we have had many successes and some failures that I can share and hope you can take our successes to help your home.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to preventing accidents. Every child is different and they all test their bounds in different ways but Autistic children do tend to have some tendencies that are safety potentials and hazards and by sharing our experiences and knowledge with each other, I believe that we can make the environment for our child a safer place allowing us to spend less energy on finding the next hazard and more energy on enjoying our little ones.

I hope you find this blog helpful as well as fun and interesting.

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