Oven Danger and Creative Children!

Ever wonder how your itty bity toddler is standing on the counter top when there is absolutely no ladder or chair in sight!!! Well that was our question when we kept finding our 4 year old autistic son constantly on the counter with the bag of Ruffles in his hand!!

This kid was an engineering genius I thought and I was going to find how he was doing it!!! We set up a video recorder to spy on my little man. What we saw was eye-opening! The video of my son showed that he was latterly opening the oven door and using it as a step to get up on the kitchen counter to get the chips. We of course never saw the oven door open because the moment he stepped off the door would immediately spring back and close.

I would have never thought I would have had to child proof my oven for this reason in my wildest dreams but he had no idea of the danger of opening the oven door or the danger of being on top of the kitchen counter. We were very lucky that the oven had never been hot or on or he was injured when doing this.

You can purchase these latches on Amazon or your local hardware store.

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