Water Fascination Can Be A Dangerous Situation

Pools, lakes, and hot tubs are everywhere in the community and attract people of all ages. Children on the spectrum are no different and tend to be very fascinated with water, and will often wander to the closest water source they can find. Whether a child knows how to swim or not, the reality is he/she probably does not comprehend the hazards.

It is absolutely critical that parents ensure their children learn to swim, whether they are typically developing or on the spectrum. We ourselves had a water related scare with our son. One day, the door was left open by a family member visiting, and my son made his escape straight for the lake. I ran so hard to try to reach him, but he made it to the water before I could get to him. I jumped into the lake and pulled him out, and I was so thankful he came out coughing and spitting up water. Not all children are as fortunate as my son and this article is one of so many incidents that indicates the importance for parents to teach children how to swim and the importance of giving them a super important survival skill that they will use their entire life.

You can read this cautionary account written by staff writer Caitlin Johnston and researcher John Martin at the Tampa Bay Times about 5 year old Michael Bolden.

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