6 Tips To Prevent a Wandering Child

Your home is now childproofed and your child can play and function safely indoors, but how do you keep your child inside? If your child is a flight risk or wander—characteristics that exist in most autistic children of all ages—it is important to safeguard all doors and windows leading outside. Install padlocks on gates and fences and latches on exterior doors. Install door locks and door straps where necessary. Doorknob covers work well on doors that lead to rooms or spaces where you do not what your child to enter (e.g., furnace rooms, basements, linen closets, pantries, cabinet doors).

This article provides excellent tips to prevent a parent’s worst nightmare.

1. Secure Your Home

2. Consider a Tracking Device

3. Consider an ID Bracelet

4. Teach Your Child to Swim

5. Alert Your Neighbors

6. Alert First Responders

Currently I use AngelSense GPS to track my son and will be writing a review post soon to give my feedback on it.

#lost #gps #tracking #autism #AUTISMSAFETY

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