Handy little Door Alarms for Added Safety in the Home

As an added safety addition to our home, we installed wireless door/window alarms. The alarm sounds when the door or window on which it is installed has been opened.

These handy little alarms are simple to install and use. The alarm comes in two pieces and attach with double-sided tape (usually provided in the package). One part of the alarm is attached to the door and the other part to the door frame. If the two pieces are mated, the alarm is silent. But, the instant the door is opened to allow for a small separation in the two pieces of the alarm, the alarm will begin to chirp. These alarms are very convenient and a great safety addition on any exterior door, sliding glass door and window that your child can potentially open. This type of alarm can be purchased online on Amazon, or at stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart. Below you can see what these useful alarms look like.

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