Tipping Furniture Dangers are Frightening

During the typical toddler stage, a child is learning to walk, run, climb, crawl, jump, and play. During this time of energy and exploration, it is important to be watchful of any possible furniture that can tip over and fall on top of a little one. Toddlers and many children on the autistic spectrum (the “spectrum”) love to climb and use furniture to brace themselves. They are not aware of the dangers climbing on furniture can pose on their safety. Dressers, appliances, book cases, and televisions can all be dangerous to a climber, and all need to be secured as best as possible. There are many options to keep furniture from toppling over. In our house, we had a falling furniture scare with our child. As a new parent, never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would have to hide my son’s wardrobe to keep him from climbing it and leaping off of it like superman! But, that was just the case when one afternoon we heard a loud bang in our son’s bedroom. I ran upstairs to find my son had tried to climb his wardrobe, and it tipped over in front of him. Luckily, he was not hurt; however, he certainly did not understand the cause and effect of his climbing. Check out this article from by My News 4 which shows how parents are unaware but can prevent the tragedies that falling furniture can cause.

Also check out the cute education safety video from Munchkins.

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