Electronic Door Lock

In our household, the most important and critical childproofing we installed in keeping our son from escaping our home is the electronic keypad for the front door—it is absolutely essential for us. The keypad works similar to the keyless entry in some vehicles or homes, but it’s installed inside the home. Anyone inside has to enter a PIN on the keypad to open the door. If the PIN is not entered correctly, the door will not open from the inside. Our family’s home backs a lake; when we moved in, we knew this was going to be a problem with our son so we immediately enrolled him in swimming lessons. Before his first lesson, our son threw open the front door and bolted out of the house and jumped into the lake. It was that day that the we installed the keypad on our door—we have not had an issue since then. Of course, this lock does not ensure the door is not left open or completely closed; it only keeps the door latched once fully shut. Our door keypad has two specific features that are very effective in keeping our loved one safe and to help him from wandering away from home. First, we have up to four different PINs that all unlock the door. If I think our son has paid close attention when I enter my PIN, I can reprogram a new PIN for myself immediately, preventing him from using a working PIN. The second feature is that the lock is automatic. So, withing seconds of the door is fully shutting after someone exits, the lock automatically secures the door. For those parents with a busy life—and we are all in this boat—it is so easy to become distracted by the kids, dog, et cetera and forget to lock the door. What better way to ensure that your autistic child is safe than a lock that automatically activates in seconds after the door is shut. This door keypad has been an excellent aid to keep our child safe inside giving us peace of mind. 

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